Suspicious activity in and around your property can become unnerving and induce anxiety for many, however with our innovatory and ground-breaking high-tech CCTV and intruder alarms, our systems can obtain a visual record of any criminal activity. Over the years, we have been consistently committed to delivering safeguarding and security to properties in Billericay and beyond. As experts in designing, installing and maintaining CCTV and alarm systems we have fitted security networks for every sector and site, whether that is commercial or domestic, our trusted team can handle it.

Every budget is welcomed and even though our services our affordable, the standard isn’t compromised and we always ensure a security option for every price. If you have any queries regarding the service that we provide our approachable team are more than happy to discuss your questions in further detail to ensure you have full control and maintenance over your security. With a sense of enthusiasm and passion towards securing your property, we place our customers’ requirements first, allowing them to be reassured and comforted in the luxury of their own home or business.

Billericay has seen a vast increase in the amount of crimes in recent decades, especially cases related to breaking and entering on private property, which has contributed to the overall rise seen within official crime statistics. When tackling criminality, we advise taking a zero tolerant approach that eliminates all opportunity for delinquency to occur. With the use of our pioneering and innovative technology, it is unquestionable that this will be the most profitable solution, at the least expense, saving you both, time and money in the process.

Colne Valley Security can protect your Billericay property

We specialise in designing, installing and maintaining high-performance security systems in Billericay that make use of cutting-edge features for maximum control and complete peace of mind to the consumer. With a high success rate there is no doubt customers recommend our services and as our digital security solutions cover all grounds, no matter the size or condition, we guarantee that our trusted team can handle any property that is in need of safeguarding..

With decades of combined experience and a wealth of knowledge and skills in the security industry, we pride ourselves on delivering quality results and an excellent customer service that not only meets your security expectations, but also exceeds them. In addition, with a passion for delivering a reliable, personable service, we are quickly becoming the company of choice for bespoke security solutions in the Billericay area. If you’re looking for an experienced team of security experts in Chelmsford, contact us on 01277 356751 to get your safeguarding secured today.

Alarm Systems in Billericay

Commercial sites typically utilise manned security methods to ensure the premises safety, however we recommend implementing our services to your property for maximal security and safekeeping of all your belongings which are found in your Billericay home or business. The core aim of our alarm systems is to prevent violations emerging in the grounds of your site and hinder the ability of impending corruption. We work to reduce the capability of criminals and with the advanced, ultra-modern technology supplied and installed by Colne Valley Security, ultimately, you can decrease the prospects of future theft or vandalism.

Our extensive range of alarm systems in Billericay are specially tailored to suit every client’s circumstances, whether that may be budget, security systems or property type, we offer an exclusive selection of digital solutions assuring your building is safe and secure. With commercial sites, alarm systems can be implemented to cover the entire premises, ensuring a peace of mind and comfort. When it comes to securing your home however, people will take extra measures to certify that their family and personal belongings are protected and for this reason, our team will accurately fit your new device to ensure the highest success rate.

Alike all our security solutions, our intruder alarms can be easily controlled and maintained when you are absent from the premises. Simply download the manufacturer’s PyronixCloud mobile app to be immediately notified of any suspicious movements – this is an important aspect for those who have busy schedules and work full time because it reduces the stress and doesn’t disrupt your day to day lifestyle. Control your alarms in real-time via our fast, dependable and high-tech two-way wireless networks which turns every device into a transmitter and receiver, allowing you to deal with the detection instantly.

CCTV Systems in Billericay

Managing your building can prove difficult when you run on a busy schedule and are not present on site, for the majority of the day it is more than likely that your home will be a target for offenders who can easily enter your space without having to worry about being caught. This is where our 24-hour observation CCTV cameras can benefit you, as not only do they record the criminal activity taking place, but also makes it easier for authorities to identify the culprit. With our networks it also makes it simpler to monitor the activities surrounding your building, disregarding crime.

If you are worried about the functionality of our CCTV systems in Billericay, we can educate you on how to appropriately monitor and control your network via the PyronixCloud. This is a fully encrypted system guaranteed to allow customers and support teams to gain access to the entire foundation without hesitation. Our Hikvision approved CCTV installers in Billericay are customised to cover and secure all areas found within your property, leaving no room for potential intruders to trespass without being surveyed by our innovative products.

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Whether you require us to install a brand new security system from scratch or need us to take over an existing system, we will recommend a security solution that meets your exact needs.

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