Intercom entry systems are designed to help you control who has access to your building and when. Intercom technology is a vital investment for businesses with a high volume of staff who need to protect their property and everything in it. However, intercom systems are also becoming equally as popular amongst homeowners who want to be able to communicate more conveniently with their family, particularly if they own a larger property.

How Do Intercom Entry Systems Work?

 An intercom (short for intercommunication device), talkback or door phone is a stand-alone voice communications system for use within a business or a home. It’s a two-way communication device which is designed to transmit and receive audio and/or video transmissions. With intercom entry systems, a person is able to speak into a microphone and be heard on a speaker by people in a different room or area. You can then speak to the person at the door and open the door from inside the property, allowing access to the visitor.

Intercoms are available in a variety of styles and designs, designed to fit seamlessly within your existing décor.

Door Entry Systems for Residential and Offices

At Colne Valley Security, we understand that security at home and in a business is of vital importance, which is why we offer such a wide variety of intercom entry systems in Essex to ensure we have one that suits your specific needs.

 Choosing the right security system for your property or business can be difficult. At Colne Valley Security, we have a team of professional and knowledgeable engineers and technical staff to help guide you through the choices and are on hand to advise which entry system will be best suited to your requirements.

Our audio intercom systems for residential and commercial premises feature two-way voice communications between the outdoor entrance panels and the internal handsets, and the combination of video and audio technology to encourage effortless communication.

For added security, our intercom installations in Essex include a CCTV camera which is fitted inside the entrance panel, with a small video screen integrated in the handset in the office or property. Visitors to the building or property can then be viewed on the screen prior to being granted entry.

Our intercom entry systems

The innovative door entry systems on offer combine video and audio technology to encourage seamless interaction between stations.

HD video surveillance allows you to see your staff member or visitor in real-time, reassuring you of their identity, while the tamper-proof alarm functions offered by many of these products reduce the risk of intruders even further.

Our intercom entry systems in Essex provide an effective but simple deterrent against unauthorised personnel gaining entry. They are also useful for deterring anti-social behaviour and vandalism. Whether you require intercom technology for a block of flats, a property or a business, we can design and install an intercom entry system to fit your requirements.

Intercom Companies in Essex

 We are one of the most recommended intercom companies in Essex, providing up to date and high-tech intercom systems for businesses and homeowners to help manage who enters the building and their level of access to certain areas.

With Colne Valley Security, you can be certain that you will get high standards, fast turnarounds and competitive prices. You will get the best equipment for your specific requirements, with the service and installation to match.

How We Can Help

If you are interested in intercom installations Essex for your home or business, we would be more than happy to come and assess the current access and entry requirements, and discuss the solutions available to you, taking into account the level of security you require.

Our job is not only to introduce you to high performance intercom products, but also to develop a bespoke intercom system that meets all your requirements.

After an initial consultation at your premises, we will plan an intercom network that will provide you with flawless functionality. Once we have designed and installed your tailored door entry system in Essex, we will help you to explore all of the features on offer from the technology and leave you with a full understanding of how you can make the most of your brand-new security solution. We take pride in installing high-quality products and providing excellent customer service in Essex.

To find out more about our intercom entry systems in Essex, contact us today and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. From the design of the intercom system, right through to the installation and maintenance, we are your first port of call for any support you may need.


Whether you require us to install a brand new security system from scratch or need us to take over an existing system, we will recommend a security solution that meets your exact needs.

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