The Covid Camera System You Can Count On

A number of businesses are asking clients and colleagues to stay away if they have any symptoms of COVID-19. However, you do have to rely on everyone entering your premises to be completely honest. To give you that little extra peace of mind, our thermal imaging cameras are the perfect solution. A raised temperature is one of the main symptoms of COVID-19, and these thermal CCTV cameras can easily detect who has a temperature.

We are able to supply customers from a wide range of sectors with our innovative thermal imaging systems. Want to find out more? Here’s everything you need to know about the thermal imaging camera UK clients love.

Thermal Imaging Camera Systems

A thermal screening CCTV system is a discreet and effective way of identifying individuals who may pose a risk to you and anyone else on the premises. Installing these cameras is just the same as investing in any of our other security systems. After all, the earlier you identify a security risk, the quicker you can prevent any issues from getting out of control. This is the same principle, even though the risk posed by COVID-19 is like nothing we have ever seen before.

Why Use a Temperature Scanner Camera?

Thermal imaging is the easiest way of detecting an elevated body temperature. As soon as the body temperature scanner (which is sometimes also referred to as a Covid scanner) flags up an individual, an alert will sound. You can then decide on the most appropriate course of action before they have even had a chance to enter your premises. This helps to nip any potential risk in the bud, and can prevent the spread of harmful pathogens.

Lots of companies are advertising temperature scanner systems right now, but you need to be sure that you buy yours from a trusted supplier. We’re a highly regarded security company, and we have sourced the best thermo screen cameras available for your use. So you can buy from us with total peace of mind.

Thermal Imaging Is The Safest Option

To best protect your members of staff, invest in an infrared body temperature scanner. Our fever camera systems are especially important in environments where there are a large number of employees or a high amount of daily foot traffic, as it’s nigh on impossible to maintain a safe social distance if each person’s temperature needs to be taken individually. Our Covid camera systems allow you to scan large amounts of people simultaneously, all while remaining at a safe distance. To put it simply, it’s the most straightforward way of keeping everyone safe, whether they are working for you or visiting.

Of course, we encourage all of our clients to still uphold the Government’s social distancing guidelines. These used alongside our thermal screens will help you to operate as safely as possible.

Thermal Imaging Cameras Can Save You Time

As well as keeping you all safe, our thermal imaging cameras can save you time as well. Chances are you have already seen them being used at airports and other places with lots of people passing through at once. If each person passing through had to have their temperature taken with a thermometer, then it wouldn’t take long for long queues to form and massive delays to build up. Thermal imaging CCTV cameras take someone’s temperature in just one second. You can scan lots of people at once, saving you (and them) so much time. This could be used effectively in a wide range of locations, such as retail stores, warehouses, office buildings and entrances to construction sites.

The Thermal Imaging Camera UK Customers Trust

So why use Colne Valley Security? Over the years, we have built up a reputation as one of the most trusted security specialists the UK has to offer. We’ve brought the same eye for innovation and attention to detail to our body temperature scanner cameras. We have a wide range of camera options for you to choose from, including wall mounted and handheld models. The handheld fever camera models can easily be operated at a safe social distance. All of our cameras are accurate up to ±0.5 °C, so you can count on them time after time.

We Don’t Just Specialise in Thermal CCTV

In addition to our thermal imaging camera, we are providing other services to make life easier for businesses in these challenging times. These include our walk through metal detectors that also give temperature readings, allowing you to continue to keep a close eye on all aspects of security on your premises.

We also supply a density control system. This gives a count of how many people have entered and exited a premises, and is especially useful in places like shops where only a few people are allowed in at a time. Customers will be able to tell at a glance whether they are allowed to enter or not, making the shopping experience easier and safer for everyone.

I’ve heard that fever camera systems aren’t accurate – is this true?

A high quality thermal imaging camera gives a very precise result. Our thermal imaging cameras are incredibly accurate to ±0.5 °C. The cameras use facial recognition and fix the measurement areas to human bodies, reducing false alarms caused by other heat sources such as food or drink. Some companies are selling sub-par infrared imaging cameras, and these may not give precise results. To ensure that yours are as accurate as possible, buy them from a trusted security retailer like Colne Valley Security.

We offer a really wide range of cameras, and our services are tailored to the unique needs of each client. That means that we are unable to give you a price without finding out a little bit more about you and your requirements. One thing that we can guarantee is that our Covid cameras are incredibly good value for money, and we offer fantastic prices compared to many of our competitors.

New technology can take a little getting used to, but our temperature scanner cameras are so easy to operate. You will be up and running in no time at all. Remember, if you have any questions about your camera, we are always on hand to help with your queries and offer any additional support if needed.


Whether you require us to install a brand new security system from scratch or need us to take over an existing system, we will recommend a security solution that meets your exact needs.

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