Want to invest in 24/7 protection for your home or business? Then you have come to the right place. We are Colne Valley Security, one of the best CCTV companies Brentwood has to offer. We offer a wide range of security services, from the aforementioned CCTV installation to the burglar alarm systems Brentwood clients trust.

We have lots of experience on projects of varying sizes, and we have a background in protecting both commercial and domestic properties. We’ll work with you to identify which security package is suited to your needs, and then you can look forward to a quick installation and extensive advice from our CCTV and intruder alarm installers Brentwood.

CCTV Installations Brentwood

So, why do you need CCTV for your property? Well, it has been proven to deter criminals, so your property in Brentwood is less likely to be targeted.

If you were unlucky enough to be the victim of burglary, arson, vandalism or any other criminal damage, you would have video evidence that could be passed on to the police, aiding your case immeasurably.

Our self-monitoring CCTV Brentwood systems are customised to your exact needs, and can be installed both inside and outside to give maximum coverage.

Intruder Alarms in Brentwood

We are also the alarm installers Brentwood customers can count on. We use the latest cutting-edge technology in our alarms, such as a link to your smartphone. If an intruder is detected, you can be notified right away, allowing you to take the appropriate action there and then.

With the power to monitor your property right there in the palm of your hand, you will be able to check in from anywhere, at any time. Being able to instantly access to your intruder alarms Brentwood will give you peace of mind, wherever you are.

Intercom Brentwood Installation

Another popular service that we offer here at Colne Valley Security is intercom installation. An intercom system allows you to control who has access to your property – and when. If you are a business owner with a large number of staff, an intercom is an essential investment, as it will prevent anyone from slipping in unnoticed.

It’s not just businesspeople in Brentwood who are investing in them though. Our intercoms are becoming very popular with homeowners, who find that they allow them to communicate with visitors securely. It’s one of the simplest ways of protecting the contents of your property, whether you live or work there.

Add Access Control to Your Property

Our access control systems are also very sought after in the area, and whether used alone or conjunction with our CCTV and alarm systems Brentwood, they are very effective. We use the following to create our tailored access control systems:

  • Single or multiple access points
  • Barriers
  • Entry gates
  • Key code entry systems
  • T card systems
  • Multi-site technology
  • Wireless control panels
  • Biometric solutions
  • Disabled access
  • Proximity readers

If you get in touch with our team today, they will be able to advise you on which kind of access control system is ideally suited to your property, so that you can keep unwanted visitors out and your property and the people living or working there safe.

Do the CCTV cameras provide 24-hour surveillance?

The high tech CCTV cameras and systems that we install, including standard domes and eyeball cameras, all have the ability to provide round-the-clock surveillance. The 24 hour protection that they provide is a great deterrent for any potential intruders, and it provides peace of mind to the homeowner or business owner. The CCTV cameras can be fitted both indoors and outdoors, so you have the ability to monitor and keep record 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When we install your new CCTV system, we’ll also introduce you to the ProControl+ App, which you can use to monitor and control your new installation at any time!

Security is important for both homeowners and businesses to consider. Not only does it provide round-the-clock surveillance and peace of mind to the occupiers, but it will also serve as a deterrent for any potential intruders. Perhaps you’re worried about the level of crime in your area, or you just want to see who is coming and going from your home – whatever the reason may be, our security services are here to protect you and provide peace of mind. For more information on our intruder alarms, intercoms, access control systems and CCTV, please just get in touch with Colne Valley today.

We offer a maintenance service for all of the security solutions we install. Our maintenance service can be offered remotely, so you don’t need to worry about taking time out of your busy schedules to fit us in. The remote maintenance service option allows us to quickly see what’s going on with your security solution, and being able to help out there and then. If you have any questions on our maintenance service, please get in touch with us today!

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Whether you require us to install a brand new security system from scratch or need us to take over an existing system, we will recommend a security solution that meets your exact needs.

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