From standard dome and eyeball cameras to high-definition IP surveillance solutions, we can supply innovative Hikvision CCTV products to meet the security needs of any residential, commercial, industrial or leisure premises. CCTV not only protects your property, but also those visiting your home, using your facilities or simply passing-by. It is the perfect deterrent for any potential intruders who are making a rational choice as to whether your property can be easily burgled or trespassed. Our bespoke and high-quality surveillance is an excellent system that settles legal disputes, especially Health and Safety concerns; video evidence can help authorities clearly detect the offender’s identity.

We are the best CCTV company in Essex and we offer up to date, exclusive security software and equipment, which aims to provide every client with a sense of comfort and safety in their own home, as well as other commercial areas. Our top-quality surveillance systems can be fitted internally and externally, however whether you install it acts as the perfect preventative that deters all criminals and offenders. Looking after your Essex property can prove challenge when you run on a busy schedule and are not always at your workplace or home, and for this reason, they are integral to your family’s or company’s safety.

Our CCTV Systems

Our bespoke surveillance systems that we supply, deliver and install in Essex enables self-monitoring and reassures the homeowner that their property is safe. For commercial use our premium CCTV covers wide grounds allowing you to observe and inspect any potential crime that occurs in your building. As for domestic use they can be fitted both indoors and outdoors, letting you monitor and keep a continuous record of any activity surrounding your property.

In addition to our reliable CCTV systems assisting the detection of any potential corruption, they can also be the perfect preventative that stops offenders from attempting to trespass. Depending where they are situated our Pyronix cameras can highly visible and noticed by intruders, eliminating all possibilities of delinquency. However, if you’d prefer our surveillance networks to be concealed on your property, we can also do this for you. All our networks can be monitored and controlled via the PyronixCloud, a fully encrypted system that allows our customers and our support teams access to an entire infrastructure at the touch of a button.

CCTV Installations in Essex

Our Hikvision approved CCTV installers in Essex will develop and implement a fully tailored system for your property that is designed to cover all bases. When installing our cutting-edge surveillance systems our experienced team at Colne Valley Security will closely assess your property searching for possible and practical locations where our networks can be fitted. Even if you have existing security solutions, our improved Pyronix CCTV is easily integrable and rest assured it will not disrupt any other systems when being implemented.

Following up from a consultation with one of our home security specialists we supply a bespoke surveillance system tailored to your specific requirements and circumstances. Depending on your preferred security system and the practicality and functionality of the location it will be fitted, our team will talk you through the entire process in order to help you to make the most profitable and beneficial decision. When your system is up and running, we’ll also teach you how to monitor and control your new CCTV installation in your Essex home via the ProControl+ app.

CCTV Repairs

If you are experiencing any issues with our Essex-based security systems, we can trouble shoot the problem and provide you with a quick solution ensuring your property remains protected; and we can do this without having to visit your premises! In many cases we can even fix the issue remotely, saving you time, money and hassle. However, this shouldn’t be a problem as we guarantee that our specialists will deliver and fit your multi-camera CCTV system with care and precaution to ensure that it is successfully installed.

If you are Essex based and need our expertise regarding any ad hoc CCTV repairs, contact us today and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. From the installation to the maintenance and repairs, we are your first port of call for any support you may need.

Maintaining your CCTV

Colne Valley Security provides a post-installation support service for extra peace of mind. We offer CCTV service and maintenance agreements for customers who wish to ensure that the performance of their system is never interrupted or compromised. With any enquiries or concerns you may have with your new and improved security, you can contact one of our friendly team who are more than happy to discuss your questions in further detail over the phone.

However, our innovative remote maintenance software, InSite, gives us access to your security software. Therefore, any diagnosed faults or electrical errors can be discovered and regularly checked from our Essex-based facilities, saving you time to complete your day-today errands and tasks without having to worry about maintaining your newly installed surveillance. However, if need be, we can arrange automated daily check-ups to eliminate any stress and hassle from your behalf.


Whether you require us to install a brand new security system from scratch or need us to take over an existing system, we will recommend a security solution that meets your exact needs.

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