With our Essex alarm systems, you can ensure your homes safety without having to pay excessive costs and the expense of maintenance. Whether you are looking for a home security solution, or want to find a robust intruder alarm system for your office, warehouse or other commercial premises; our services at Colne Valley Security guarantee to meet and exceed your property’s needs. Not only will our bespoke crime preventative systems offer a sense of comfort by detecting and notifying you of any slight movements around the surrounding premises, but it will also deter any potential delinquents from attempting to trespass onto your property by being situated in a highly visible location.

Our cutting-edge alarm systems are the perfect criminal preventative, eliminating intruders making a rational choice and assessing the pros and cons of breaking and entering your premises. To reduce crime from your occurring on your property, our experienced specialists will take a zero tolerant approach to criminals, reducing the opportunity for crime before it is committed, simply by installing one of our intruder alarms in your Essex building.

We supply a huge range of intruder alarms that can be supplied, delivered and installed in the Essex area and beyond. Typically, burglar alarms are fitted onto commercial or industrial buildings where there are higher rates of offences and crime occurs on a regular basis. However, if you’re in need of security for your home, our experts at Colne Valley Security will assess your Essex homes’ viability for one of our networks.

Why you need an Intruder Alarm installed in your Essex property

Managing your Essex property can often prove challenging when you run on a tight schedule and you’re not always at your workplace or home, and for this reason, it is integral to employ our cutting-edge intruder alarms in order to protect your possessions. The thought of an intruder invading your private space, accessing your personal and private information and details, is enough to provoke anxiety for those who value their property, and everything contained in it.

Even with suitable insurance coverage, the emotional cost of a break-in can never be covered. However, with the assistance of our robust security solutions we can ensure that your belongings in your home or business will stay safe and protected.

Our high-quality and dependable alarms system will alert you every time they detect minimal movement or activity that is taking place in the surrounding premises, thus allowing you to take immediate action and ensure the trespassers are held accountable. In addition to this, our intruder alarms are the perfect preventative for burglars who are searching for a quickly attainable entrances to buildings. It has been consistently proven that properties with clearly displayed alarms are less likely to be broken into.

Our Intruder Alarms

At Colne Valley Security our team supply, deliver and install bespoke, cutting edge technology that guarantees a high security success rate. Regardless of your Essex property’s size and scale, our intruder alarms will cover all grounds and patrol the entire site, ensuring no intrusion occurs without your knowledge. The high-tech two-way wireless technology turns every alarm device into a transmitter and receiver, meaning that alarms can be controlled quickly and in real-time via a fast and reliable wireless network.

Our innovative, high-tech products are complimentary and easily integrable with new or existing security networks and for this reason, when being implemented, we ensure they won’t disrupt any other system. Similar to all of our top-quality networks, you can control your burglar alarm network from anywhere at any time thanks to the manufacturer’s PyronixCloud mobile app.

Installing our Intruder Alarms in Essex

When installing our burglar alarm systems in Essex, our bespoke specialists will develop and implement fully tailored networks that is designed to cover all bases of your property. Following up a consultation with one of our commercial and domestic security experts, we will then closely evaluate your circumstances and provide you with the most profitable and practical option for your building.

Before installing one of our cutting-edge burglar alarms in your Essex premise, our staff at Colne Valley Security will assess your property’s viability and practicality, and once its suitability has been confirmed we will quickly and efficiently install one of our burglar alarms with care and precaution to ensure a maximum success rate. If there is a preferred location where you would like us to install your new and improved security systems our team will listen to any of your suggestions, as well as advising you on the most appropriate areas we would fit them.

Your Next Steps

At Colne Valley Security we fit bespoke and tailored security systems that meet every client’s individual and personal needs. Are you’re looking for a sense of safety and comfort in the luxury of your own Essex home? Or perhaps you want to protect the assets of your business? Whatever your reason is our experienced experts can efficiently supply and deliver the perfect burglar alarm to prevent any intruders escaping punishment, ensuring they are caught and are held accountable for their crime.


Whether you require us to install a brand new security system from scratch or need us to take over an existing system, we will recommend a security solution that meets your exact needs.

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