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Colne Valley Security deliver an extensive range of security services in Colchester and the surrounding areas in Essex. We specialise in the design and installation of burglar alarm systems, CCTV installation, access control systems and more. Our services to security in Colchester go above and beyond our competitors to ensure a property or business is safe and protected at all times – even when you’re not there. We’re proud to be able to provide both domestic and commercial CCTV and intruder alarms in Colchester. Working with local homeowners and businesses alike, we help to ensure that our customers can keep their properties and premises protected from the risk of vandalism or burglary.

Our bespoke and cutting-edge intruder alarms and CCTV systems provide the perfect deterrent to people thinking about trespassing on the land. With the threat of being identified, especially with our HD CCTV solutions, intruders will think twice about an opportunistic burglary.

Help to protect your family, staff, personal belongings and private information with cost-effective and efficient security solutions from Colne Valley Security; the leading security company in Colchester.

As a reputable and professional business servicing domestic and commercial clients with security in Colchester and across Essex, we supply, deliver and install bespoke burglar alarms and CCTV installations in Colchester to provide security and safety in the comfort of your own home or business. Essex has become susceptible to more and more crimes being committed, especially burglaries taking place in both domestic and industrial locations. To prevent such crimes, it’s important to take a ‘zero tolerance’ approach which will help to reduce the opportunity for misconduct and criminality. Ensure you have taken all the precautions you can for security for your home or business to prevent criminals taking their chance.

Security Services in Colchester

Here at Colne Valley Security, we are proud to provide a wide range of security solutions for domestic and commercial clients in Colchester and the surrounding areas.

Intruder Alarms

We specialise in the design and installation of intruder alarms Colchester, to help eliminate the chances of trespassers and prevent the opportunity of criminality. The high-quality intruder alarms we install in properties and buildings in Colchester for security can pick up even the slightest movement, notifying you immediately on your smart device of the disturbance that’s taking place. Thanks to Cloud technology, you are now able to monitor your intruder alarm network in an instant from any smart device. This advanced technology enables you to monitor your property or building from anywhere via a smart device, so that you can make the police aware if you see someone breaking into your property.

Our team of professional intruder alarm installers Colchester are specially trained and highly skilled in the Colchester security sector, with extensive knowledge and experience to complete a project to an unbeatable standard. To ensure a maximum success rate, we will come and visit the site prior to the installation day and map out the most appropriate and practical locations for the intruder alarms to be installed. The installation process is quick and efficient, without adding too much disruption to your day and causing any unnecessary stress. Before we leave, we’ll show you how to operate your intruder alarm, so you feel confident about your level of security that’s in place.

CCTV Installation, Maintenance and Repair

CCTV Colchester cameras provide 24-hour surveillance of properties and buildings inside and outside, monitoring any activities and disturbance should they occur. Our CCTV installations help to improve the safety of the occupants and protect any personal belongings, as the loss of belongings for a business can be detrimental. Our bespoke security cameras are bespoke and can be designed to fit in with your property or business, so they can be as discreet or as obvious as you like.

We design and install bespoke CCTV installations in Colchester for domestic and commercial clients which can be modified to your property or commercial premises in Colchester. All security concerns will be taken into account prior to building the CCTV setup, so that we can make sure we are targeting the correct areas of a building.

We design our CCTV systems to stand the test of time by using the latest innovations in CCTV technologies. This will provide you with peace of mind that the system will perform when it’s needed the most and you will have a better chance of identifying the criminals involved as well as having proof to provide to the police and your insurance company regarding the crime. We pride ourselves on being a leading security company with one of the widest selections of CCTV options.

Access Control

Fully tailored door access control systems are available with Colne Valley Security. Using gates, barriers, key code entry systems and multiple access point monitoring. Access Control is a popular solution for security, particularly popular with businesses and public sector buildings to monitor and control who has access to a building. Access is provided only to those with a code or key card or provided with entry by those monitoring the access control system such as security or a secretary.

This helps to protect staff and prevent anyone gaining access unannounced and potentially having access to sensitive information or being able to cause danger to anyone.


Intercom gives you the ability to monitor the flow of guests and staff, and stop authorised visitors from accessing a building, with audio and video door entry solutions. We install these regularly into homes and businesses, fully tailored to each individual job we carry out.

Intercoms are often your first step to security in Colchester, providing the first barrier to who can and cannot enter a building. Our video and audio door entry systems allow you to see and identify who wants to gain entry without having to go to the door every time – ideal for multi-storey buildings.

Why Choose Colne Valley Security?

We pride ourselves on delivering unrivalled protection for our domestic and commercial clients using the latest security technology from our leading manufacturer, Hikvision. Our work is guaranteed to prevent trespassers from causing harm to your valuable possessions in your home or business and reduce the hefty expenses of replacing broken, stolen or damaged goods.

We are proud to provide a comprehensive range of options for security solutions to customers who are serious about protecting their home or business. Our range of ground-breaking, innovative and comprehensive Colchester security can help to protect your property and personal belongings; we create bespoke security solutions to benefit each individual job we vary out. To discuss the best domestic and commercial security and protection options, contact us today for a no obligation quote.


What are the benefits of having CCTV installed?

When you choose Colne Valley Security to design and install a bespoke and modern CCTV system to provide security to Colchester premises, you will benefit from the following features:

  • High quality images – Our security systems will deliver rich colour and HD images with fantastic close-up detail. This will help with security identification which can help to solve crimes and retrieve stolen assets, should the worst happen.
  • Deterrent to opportunists – With visible CCTV cameras in place, they will help to deter potential thieves and criminals from targeting buildings that have a big security presence.
  • Protection – CCTV can provide personal security in Colchester to both the general public and any occupants of the building that it’s installed in.
  • Reassurance – Having a thorough CCTV system installed into a business or property will help to provide maximum peace of mind about the level of security that is in place 24/7. Don’t forget – we will show you how to use the ProControl+ app so that you can monitor and control your new CCTV installation.

Our high tech and modern Colchester security systems, including CCTV, intruder alarms, access control and intercom entry systems, can all be modified to suit your exact needs. For example, a property may require a simple exterior CCTV camera to monitor the property and act as a deterrent for opportunists, or a business may require a sophisticated multi-purpose security solution to monitor the interior and exterior of a commercial building, alongside an integrated access control solution to allow people into certain parts of a building.

Whatever your security requirements may be, Colne Valley Security are on hand to help!

If you have any questions regarding the security services we have fitted into your property or business, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team. Our experts are on hand to provide support and assistance, and can help you with any queries you may have! You can also reach us on email and by calling 0333 444 0920.


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Whether you require us to install a brand new security system from scratch or need us to take over an existing system, we will recommend a security solution that meets your exact needs.

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