Control Access To Your Building With A Bespoke Access Control System

An access control system allows you to control who comes into your building, and they are most common in offices, businesses and residential buildings. They provide an easy way to control who passes the doors as well as monitoring and managing access.

The access control systems can be activated by a card or key fob and can be programmed to allow specific access to specific areas with personalised digital permissions.

Why Choose An Access Control System?

Because an access control system is digital, it can easily be controlled by your security team. While locks and keys are secure, if they are lost or stolen this can compromise the whole building and even mean replacing locks within the building – which can be very costly!

With this system, you have the power to disable certain registered access should someone leave the company on less than positive terms or you have concerns about security. When sharing a building with other businesses, each floor or area can have its own access card to ensure only access to the authorised people.

In certain industries, the control over who can access where is particularly important such as in hospitals, banks, pharmacies and companies dealing with confidential data or high value items. Our access control systems in Chelmsford can be used for a one door or multiple doors, gates, garages, lifts and more.

Why Choose Colne Valley Security?

If you’re looking to invest in access control systems in Chelmsford, Colne Valley provide professional and expert service to advise you on the most suitable security solutions for your building. We offer a wide range of access control doors in Chelmsford such as barriers, entry gates, key code, T card, multi-site, wireless control panels, biometric, disabled access and proximity readers.

Ever evolving technology means there are so many ways to integrate access control into your building to fit your needs and requirements. When you get in touch with us, we can organise for an in-depth consultation at your premises to carry out an onsite assessment and understand your needs. We’ll then put together a selection of options for you and a quote for a bespoke access control system to meet your needs.

Our market-leading products provide you with a choice of high-tech security solutions that can easily be controlled and monitored by you. Should there be any issues, we have remote maintenance software to provide access to your alarm control panel to diagnose any faults, monitor alarm events and the electrical status of your system. This allows us to provide you with security support quickly and efficiently at an affordable cost – putting your mind at ease.


How can access control systems be used in residential environments?

If you run or are planning a residential building either for students, private renters and buyers, social housing or retirement properties then an access control system can be the perfect way to provide communal access to the building while maintaining security.

Installing access control doors in your Chelmsford property means you can easily monitor who has access to the communal building and your residents feel safe and secure. Should anyone lose their access fob, it can be replaced without lock replacement and key redistribution. This also means that nobody can get keys cut for the access door, so you can add an added level of safety for residents and ensure only residents have access.

The great thing about access control systems is that they are so adaptable and customisable to your needs and requirements. We have a range of different products available which we can recommend depending on your needs.

For example, we can install either single or multiple access points, so you can control access for one door, or multiple doors across your building. This can even be programmed across multiple sites, so should you have multiple buildings in your business, you can provide access to these via one access card or fob. You can also use them to control access to the lift, granting access to lift use via the fob or even to certain floors. The possibilities are endless!

Because there are so many options to choose from and so many ways to customise your system, there is a way to incorporate access control to your building that fits in with your budget and needs. We will visit your site for an in-depth consultation to conduct an onsite assessment and understand your requirements. Based on this and your budget constrictions, we will put together an option that we believe meets your needs and budget.

As one of the leading access control companies in Chelmsford, we strive to provide industry leading service that is bespoke to each client.

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Whether you require us to install a brand new security system from scratch or need us to take over an existing system, we will recommend a security solution that meets your exact needs.

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