The Benefits Of Intercom Entry Systems in Chelmsford

Intercom security systems are a great way of providing surveillance for entry to your home or business, allowing you to easily vet anyone before granting them entry to the building. This is ideal if you need to buzz people into your building or do not have security or doorman on the entrance.

They have become a must for many communal buildings, where office space or residential apartments are shared. The HD video surveillance allows you identify who is at the door and that they are who they say they are.

Intercom entry systems in Chelmsford are also great if you are a small business and cannot keep going down to the main door to let people in manually, or are still serving one client as one arrives. They have become increasingly popular for people who have a working space within their home or garden, allowing people they trust to enter their home to get to their office or studio.

The Security Benefits of Our Intercom Solutions

So how can an intercom security system in Chelmsford help protect your home or business? Well first and foremost, you are getting full vision and surveillance of everyone entering your building and vetting who can gain entry. An open door policy is hard to police, while an intercom system will give you remote access to your door entry system to ensure only permitted people can have access and be signed in.

If you are expecting visitors, you will know when they have arrived and be able to identify them for their appointment and greet them. You will be able to keep an eye on any suspicious activity at your door and block the access of anyone who looks suspicious or unsavoury.

Additionally, if you have issues troublemakers or harassment, they can be identified straight away, and security or police can be alerted.

The Best Chelmsford Intercom Company

If you want to find out more about our intercom entry systems in Chelmsford, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We can talk you through our selection of products and help suggest the best solution based on your requirements and budget.

We have a team of professional and knowledgeable staff who can help you choose the best door entry system as well as install it and show you how to use it. With Colne Valley Security, you can be confident you are getting the best advice, equipment, installation and service.

Following your enquiry, we will arrange an initial consultation with you at the premises and plan an intercom network that suits your needs – providing you with a bespoke service and quote. When the system is installed, we will talk you through the features and we can provide support should you get into any difficulties.

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What does an intercom entry system do?

Intercom stands for intercommunication device’ and is a two-way stand-alone voice communication system that is designed to receive audio and/or video. The intercom can take various forms but allows someone to speak into a microphone which will be heard on the speaker by someone in a different room or area. The people who hear the voice can then speak back to the person and open the door remotely from the inside.

They are most common in office buildings and residential buildings, allowing people to remotely allow people into the main building so they can reach their floor or door and do not need to be met at the door each time.

If you are a business that has many visitors such as clients, deliveries or business associates – investing in an intercom system is an ideal way to remotely grant access to your building. It allows you to be aware your guest has arrived, so you can prepare for their arrival as they make their way to your part of the building. It also means that they can arrive at your office or workspace by themselves, rather than the need to greet them at the main front door each time – which can be tiresome and difficult if you are still with another client.

We do have intercom models and systems that use video surveillance if this is something you would like. This provides a small discreet camera within your entrance panel, so you can identify the visitor. The handset in the office or property will feature a small video screen through which you can see the video feed. These video and voice door entry systems perfectly combine both feeds and HD video feeds ensure you can see visitors in real time and in clear picture to easily identify them to assess risk.

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