Protect Your Home and Business With An Intruder Alarm

If you have ever been a victim of burglary, you will know how upsetting it can be to think about someone in your home or business, rooting through your valuables and invading your personal space. It’s not just the theft that can be damaging, but the after effects and feeling of vulnerability too.

The vast majority of burglaries are committed on a whim, by opportunist criminals, who see a chance and take it. Surprisingly, many of them take place in the daytime, when people are likely to be at work. While many burglars these days will not take larger household items such as TVs and sound systems, they are on the lookout for car keys, laptops and your personal data.

Our alarm systems in Chelmsford can help you feel more confident about the security of your home. We have a range of systems that can be installed in your home alerting you and your neighbours to any attempted break ins.

Burglar alarms are ideal for discouraging burglars from attempting to burglarise your home and are effective at scaring them off quickly if they do attempt to break in.

Easy Control Of Your Alarm System

Alarm system technology has advanced in recent years, allowing you to easily monitor and control your alarm system via your phone. You can control your burglar alarm network from anywhere at any time with the PyronixCloud mobile app – so if it is ever set off accidently by a member of your family or workforce, it can easily be monitored and stopped if needed.

The two-way wireless technology system turns every alarm device into a transmitter and receiver, so you can control them quickly and in real time thanks to the reliable wireless network. This allows you to listen in and talk to whoever may be in your home.

We understand a common concern about installing burglar alarms in Chelmsford is it continually going off without anyone to turn it off. With the app, you can easily manage this should it ever go off by accident.

Leading Alarm Installers in Chelmsford

Colne Valley Security are leading alarm installers in Chelmsford and throughout Essex. We specialise in home and business security, providing bespoke service to each customer. We’ll provide you with a consultation with one of our commercial or domestic security experts, look at your circumstances and concerns and provide you with the best security system for your property.

Upon installation, we’ll assess your property and install the alarms at key points in your home to monitor movement in your home when activated. Once installed, simply activate before you leave the property, and should anyone break into your home and move around once they are on, an alarm will sound instantly, and you will be notified via your phone.

To find out more about our alarm systems in Chelmsford and ask any questions about finding appropriate security solutions for your property request a call back via our online form or simply call or email us directly.


Can burglar alarms deter criminals?

Burglar alarms are an effective way of deterring opportunistic burglars from attempting to break into your property. If a criminal knows that an alarm will sound if they break into a property, they are much less likely to take their chances as a loud alarm will draw attention to their activity.

As you may have seen on other homes and businesses, an alarm system can be advertised on the exterior of the building providing a stark warning to any would-be burglars not to attempt anything. Finally, your control of the burglar alarm via your phone will provide you with the ability to act quickly and alert the police to maximise your chances of catching them.

The time it takes to install an alarm system will vary depending on the size and scale of the home or business and if it will be working alongside an existing system or alone. Our products can easily be integrated with other security networks and we will ensure they do not disrupt any of these existing measures.

When we come to install your system, we will assess the area and work with you to understand the best locations for your motion detectors as well as talking you through how to operate the system. But in most cases your burglar alarms in Chelmsford can be installed easily within a day.

We provide a wide range of alarm systems to choose from, fitting all kinds of budgets and needs. We can talk you through all of our options and the benefits of each to help you select the best option for your home or business.

We’ll work to your budget and provide the best option that you can afford – meaning that everyone can benefit from a reliable alarm system. The installation of a burglar alarm can also help reduce insurance costs, so it is well worth the investment.

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Whether you require us to install a brand new security system from scratch or need us to take over an existing system, we will recommend a security solution that meets your exact needs.

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