Control Who Can Enter Your Building With Access Control

An access control system is a must for an office, business or residential building, it allows you to monitor and control who has access to your building – providing important security from unwelcome guests. Through this system, you can view or speak to whoever presses the buzzer to check their identity and intentions before they enter the building.

As part of your access control system, you can supply employees or residents with a card or key fob that will allow them to enter the building and programme it to access specific areas and personalised digital permissions such as lift use, floor access or meeting room access.

Why Consider Using An Access Control System?

An access control system is an ideal solution as it can be customised to each and every person, acting as an identify card as well as security access. They can be controlled by your security team, so if someone loses their card, their specific card can be deactivated to prevent the building being compromised and a replacement card can be created.

This solution is much cheaper and efficient than keys which can mean locks need to be replace if they are misplaced which is an expensive process.

For shared office buildings, this works perfectly as cards can be programmed to allow access to specific floors, offices or areas of the buildings. This ensures only authorised people can reach certain areas of the building which is ideal if a company is dealing with high profile or sensitive information.

This can be particularly important in industries such as banking, accounts and healthcare or stores high value items. Our access systems can be used to control an entry door, multiple doors, storage facilities, gates and much more. Enquire with us to find out more.

Why Choose Colne Valley Security?

Make us your number one choice for installing access control doors in Witham. We have been working in the security industry for many years and have worked across sectors to supply with them reliable, safe and manageable security solutions to protect their home or business.

We can offer you systems such as car and area barriers, entry gates, key codes, T card, biometric data, proximity readers and wireless control panels. These can be activated across multiple sites to allow access over a large office campus or multi-site company.

Get in touch with us to learn more; we can arrange an in-depth consultation at your premises, so we can carry out an on-site assessment to suggest the best solution for your needs. We’ll provide you with a range of suitable options to choose from so you can find the best one for your needs and budget.

We also provide remote maintenance to allow us to access and correct any faults quickly and efficiently, all at an affordable price.


What is an access control system?

A security access control system allows for control over who can and can’t enter a building or a certain area of a building. They are common in office buildings, hotels or commercial premises to protect the security of staff, stock and information.

Those with a specially programmed fob or card can use this to enter a building, certain rooms, lifts or floors.

Certain environments where these might be important are in environments such as healthcare, banking, high value items or high security environments such as airports or train stations.

At Colne Valley Security, we will work with you to create a security plan that fits perfectly to your needs and budget. We treat each client as an individual and work to create a bespoke security option suited to their environment.

That’s why when you enquire about installing access control in Witham, we’ll arrange a site visit to your premises to consult with you on your needs and what security measures you wish to introduce to your building as well as your estimated budget and any security concerns you have. We’ll then carry out a site inspection to allow us to suggest the most suitable option that fits your budget.

Access control systems in Witham are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their many benefits for workplaces, retail and residential environments. With more businesses relocating to Witham thanks to its central location, more offices, factories and property developments are investing in access control systems.

This is because they can be easily programmed and be activated or disabled for new and old employees or residents to maintain security. If a key card or fob is lost, this can be disabled, and a new card created rather than the expensive cost of replacing a key or locks. If you would like to find out about how you could use this security system, get in touch.

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Whether you require us to install a brand new security system from scratch or need us to take over an existing system, we will recommend a security solution that meets your exact needs.

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