The Uses Of An Intercom Security System

If you need to monitor who has access to a building, an intercom system is an ideal solution. It allows you to talk to and even view someone trying to access your building who presses the buzzer or activates the sensor. Ideal if you want to monitor entry to your building and don’t have security or a doorman to man the entrance hall.

An intercom system has become a common sight in many commercial buildings such as office blocks where buildings are shared between many different companies. Likewise with residential buildings, it is important for residents to be able to monitor who is buzzing their apartment to decide whether to allow them access for security reasons.

This is ideal for multi-storey buildings to allow visitors to enter and visit the necessary floor without having to physically go downstairs each time to let them in. This is also ideal for people who have a working space within their home, so they can allow clients, friends or family members to enter and access their office or studio.

What Are The Different Intercom Systems Available?

There are a variety of intercom entry systems in Witham that you can choose from, you may wish to have one that just uses a two-way microphone to speak to a visitor and identify them and their reason for attending or you may wish to invest in a video intercom, so you can see and identify the visitor.

Our HD surveillance video intercom allows you to view a clear picture of whoever is at your door, allowing you to easily identify a familiar face or recognise a regular troublemaker or undesirable character that may be causing harassment or disruption.

If security is important to you and your business, an intercom entry system is a simple, affordable and accessible way of being able to protect your building at the first instance.

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If you would like to find out more about our intercom solutions in Witham and the choices we have available for your home or business, please get in touch. We’ll be able to discuss our range of models available and help you with any questions you may have.

If you’re interested in having an intercom system installed, we can arrange to visit your premises and provide an initial consultation to understand your needs and the building to suggest the best solution to suit your needs. From here, we can provide you with a bespoke solution and quote for this work.

Once your system has been installed, we’ll give you a full tutorial of how to use it and all of its features and we’re always on hand should you experience any issues.

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How does an intercom entry system work?

An intercom is a two-way stand-alone voice communication system, allowing for voice or video communication between two people. An intercom is always based in one building and allows two different areas of the building to communicate.

Someone will press a button which will be heard on the speaker by someone in a different room who will be able to speak back to them and open a door remotely from the inside without going to the door.

They can usually be found in office buildings and residential flats, so visitors can be monitored before they are allowed access to a building.

An intercom entry system at your home or business can be a first step and vital step to providing security. It allows you to control who can and cannot enter a building and be able to monitor and register everybody who attempts to gain access.

Being able to do this remotely allows you to maintain personal safety while manning the reception and who can enter the main building. You may or may not have security measures for different areas and rooms, so this first step of security is vital in protecting you.

We do provide the option of intercom systems that have video surveillance included, so that a video feed can begin when someone buzzes your home or business and give you a visual of who is trying to enter. This is a handy addition as it allows you to see as well as hear visitors and our video and voice entry systems can perfectly sync both feeds, so you can see and speak to them in real time.

Our video feeds have HD quality, so you can clearly identify people and assess the risk of providing them with access to the building – such as seeing if a delivery person has the item, asking someone to show ID or knowing who to expect when they reach your floor such as an interviewee or important visitor.

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