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Adding to the collective security effort with alarms and deterrents

There’s no doubt that neighbourhoods with householders who help each other in their efforts to curb crime experience lower crime rates than others.

The Neighbourhood Watch scheme that became established in the UK in the 1980s now has over 2.3 million members who cooperate, keep a lookout and share information and ideas with near neighbours for combatting crime.

Equipment designed to foil and deter criminals has developed over the years, such as intruder alarms, are playing their part in helping neighbourhood security.

The ideal deterrent

The more that can be done to prevent crime the better of course, and simply knowing there’s a strong Neighbourhood Watch presence could be enough to steer potential burglars clear of a specific area when they see the distinctive round yellow ’This is a Neighbourhood Watch Area’ signs on people’s windows.

Burglar – or intruder – alarms are seen as a perfect deterrent in that modern designs are very difficult to foil, and a burglar knows it reduces their chances of breaking in and getting away quickly which is their usual aim.

Just the warning sticker informing them a home or premises is protected by an intruder alarm is enough to persuade many burglars to move on. If protected homes are also in what is clearly an active Neighbourhood Watch area, then this is even more reason for burglars not to risk it.

Modern intruder alarms

The latest in intruder alarm tech coupled with the fact they’re high on the list of known deterrents to burglars makes them a good choice in crime prevention, and knowing some are installed in Neighbourhood Watch area homes strengthens the overall community’s anti theft effort.

With fewer burglars trying their luck it reflects favourably on other homes in these areas even if they haven’t had an alarm fitted yet.

Investigating the possibilities is easy enough if you’re interested in fitting a system; a search for ‘intruder alarms Chelmsford’ if in the Essex area would put you in touch with professional installers who can advise on the best system for your circumstances.

Maybe you already have an intruder alarm system that’s a few years old? It’s worth having home security professionals check it over to ensure it’s still working properly and effectively.

What are the neighbours up to?

It’s worth sharing information and knowledge with neighbours regarding alarm provision; what are your near neighbours doing? Have they an alarm fitted? Do they add to it with CCTV and maybe exterior security lighting?

An intruder alarm coupled with CCTV and preferably motion activated exterior lighting is a formidable defence against burglary, and makes for a powerful deterrent to go with strong community crime prevention such as Neighbourhood Watch schemes.

Use your alarm

If you do have an alarm or are considering having one installed, do ensure you use it; many householders simply don’t set it every time they leave the house part from longer absences such as maybe holidays.

Give your equipment every chance to do the job it’s designed for.


How intruder alarms can add to the community crime deterrent effort such as Neighbourhood Watch schemes by giving burglars reasons not to try breaking in.



Whether you require us to install a brand new security system from scratch or need us to take over an existing system, we will recommend a security solution that meets your exact needs.

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