How To Prevent Keyless Car Crime

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Relay Equipment Enables Easy Vehicle Theft

Defend yourself against keyless car crime by looking after your keys and taking adequate precautions to protect your driveway.

A new wave in vehicle crime has seen expensive cars such as Audis, BMWs, Mercedes and Land Rovers being stolen from owner’s driveways, then sold on the black market for as little £1,000. Around 100,000 vehicles are stolen in the UK each year, and the latest method of theft is keyless car crime.

Keyless Car Crime Explained

Any car that uses a keyless entry system is at risk of being stolen. This is due to the use of relay equipment which tricks the car into thinking that the key is nearby and allows the doors to open and the engine to start. Such relay equipment is readily available on the black market and works by sending a signal from the keys inside your home to a second piece of relay equipment located next to your vehicle. This process takes as little as 20-30 seconds to start your car.

If you’re concerned that your vehicle may be at risk of being stolen, here are some ways to reduce or eradicate this threat.

Choose Your Vehicle Model With Care

Only cars that use keyless entry are at risk from this particular type of crime. If you have to push a button on your keys to open your door then relay equipment wouldn’t work to unlock your vehicle. The consumer group Which? notes that vehicle models including Ford Fiesta, Ford Focus, Nissan Qashqai and Volkswagen Golf are all at risk. Organised gangs are known to have Whatsapp groups detailing which vehicles are the easiest to steal and how to safely remove the vehicle’s inbuilt tracking device once inside. Keyless car models such as Jaguar XE, Ford Puma, Land Rover Evoque and Volkswagen Passat are considered to have a superior security rating if you’re currently looking for a new vehicle.

Securing Your Driveway

Regardless of your choice in vehicle, if you have visible security on display, this will be a huge deterrent for potential trespassers. A CCTV installations Essex team explains that criminals look out for surveillance systems and avoid carrying out any theft whilst in view of the cameras as it’s too much of a risk for their actions to be captured on film. Homes with a strong perimeter, such as an automated gate or a large wall will naturally be much less of a target. You can also park close to your home to make access to the car difficult.

For thieves who plan to strike after dark, motion detection lighting is brilliant at dissuading them.

Safeguarding Your Keys

As well as securing your car outside of the home, it pays to look after your keys within your home. Make sure that you keep them inside a blocking pouch, or else a tin or box that serves to prevent the signal from being transmitted outside your house. You should also keep your set of keys well away from the front door or any windows. If you’re able to turn off the wireless signal on your keyless fob, you should also take this step.

If you are the proud owner of a keyless vehicle and have yet to take any preventative action, then now is the time to protect your car. Don’t be the latest victim of keyless car crime, defend your vehicle today.


Whether you require us to install a brand new security system from scratch or need us to take over an existing system, we will recommend a security solution that meets your exact needs.

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