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Deter burglars with a modern alarm to avoid becoming one in a million

Protect your property and help deter intruders with good security systems

With over one million properties being burgled each year and more households containing ever more valuable items such as small, portable tech – and even basic paperwork that can be easily used these days for ID fraud – it’s more important than ever to protect your home.

There are various ways to put potential thieves off with intruder alarms being one of the most effective.

The advantage of a modern intruder alarm

Intruder alarm tech has moved on considerably over the years, and is considered a key deterrent by thieves – it’s often cited as a reason for thieves to move onto other properties – yet a remarkably low number of homes and businesses are fully protected in this way.

A reason why alarms are an effective deterrent is that burglars prefer to spend as little time as possible in a property once they’ve gained entry – often no more than ten minutes, preferably less. A burglar would prefer not to have to take on an intruder alarm and knows that modern types are far more difficult to overcome than older models would be.

Expert supply and fitting of alarms is essential

Supplying and fitting an intruder alarm is a specialist job best handled by professionals, so in Essex these experts offering intruder alarms in Chelmsford would be worth talking to.

Maybe you already have an alarm? If so, it’s still worth asking a local intruder alarm expert to come and take a look as it may need a checkup, and it’s important to ensure the alarm is doing an effective job.

For example, maybe the property has been extended or modified since the original alarm was fitted? If so, perhaps it isn’t reaching – and thus protecting – those newer areas of the building?

Also, some older alarms weren’t wired to protect all levels and access points of the property, so while access through a downstairs window or doorway may be covered, access via a first or second floor window or door may not be.

Your local professionals can soon survey your arrangements and advise on whether your existing equipment is still up to the task.

Don’t rely on dummy boxes

Seasoned professional burglars aren’t usually fooled by a dummy alarm box in lieu of the real thing, so beware.

Indeed, even a real alarm not activated very often will be noticed by some would be burglars, so if you do have an alarm make sure you use whenever you leave the property not just when you leave for a fortnight’s holiday or other extended absence.

Adding to your security arrangements

Along with an intruder alarm, adding CCTV and exterior security lighting boosts your security considerably and is likely to act as an even bigger deterrent to burglars.

Motion activated lighting and CCTV systems capable of recording good quality images and a modern intruder alarm make for a formidable defence against break ins, and complement one another perfectly.

Add to these by displaying prominent warning stickers and signage that CCTV and an intruder alarm is in use. If there is a break in then the CCTV acts as a provider of excellent visual evidence when it comes to prosecuting the intruder.


Making the most of security by installing an intruder alarm along with other deterrents such as CCTV and exterior security lighting; using intruder alarm experts.



Whether you require us to install a brand new security system from scratch or need us to take over an existing system, we will recommend a security solution that meets your exact needs.

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