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Detect Raised Body Temperatures and Prevent The Spread of Covid

Safeguard the health and safety of all personnel in your workplace by investing in body temperature scanners.

With lockdown restrictions easing and many businesses starting to reopen following the latest government guidance, employers are seeking a way to support a safe return to the workplace. Employers have a duty of care to safeguard the health of staff, customers and any other visitors to their work premises. This is a challenging task as the coronavirus is an invisible disease which is notoriously hard to spot. But one of the main ways to assess whether someone is infected with Covid-19 is by taking their temperature. If someone has a raised temperature of more than 37.8 degrees Celsius, then this is a potential indicator that they might have the virus. Thermal imaging cameras are an essential security tool to help identify those with raised temperatures before they set foot in your workplace.

Who Needs Thermal Imaging Cameras?

Thermal imaging cameras have been used throughout the pandemic to support largescale temperature checks at high traffic sites including airports or public transport stations. As the pandemic rages on, there is also enormous potential for them to be utilised in a wide variety of industries including retail, construction, corporate office buildings and warehouse environments.

Why Can’t People Take Their Own Temperatures?

The NHS has set out a key list of symptoms to check against if you suspect that you might have the coronavirus. The guidance is clear; if you have a persistent cough, a raised temperature or loss or smell or taste, then you should self-isolate. However, there are some difficulties with this advice. Not everyone will take their temperature at home before arriving at your workplace, which is where thermal imaging cameras are a vital detection tool. Similarly, symptoms of Covid-19 are known to come on quite suddenly, meaning that if someone has a lengthy commute, they might have been feeling fine at home, but below par by the time they arrive at work. Again, thermal imagine cameras will detect this physical change.

Save Time and Money With Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras should be your number one investment to support your return to work strategy. If the body scanner detects that someone is unwell before they enter your workplace, then an alarm will sound. This gives you the opportunity to isolate the individual and prevent the spread of Covid-19 amongst your team. This will also reduce the need for large numbers of your staff self-isolating at the same time, which is key for the productivity of your workforce, and ultimately your profit margins.

Thermal imaging cameras are also incredibly safe and support social distancing. You can choose between wall mounted or handheld cameras, which allow you to take body temperatures from a safe distance. Crucially though, our scanners only take 1 second to record a temperature and they can handle large volumes of people which ensures that there are no bottlenecks when entering your building.

If you’re an employer or manager in charge of implementing security systems to safeguard the health and safety of all personnel within your workplace, then thermal imaging cameras are essential. Get in touch with our team of security professionals today to obtain a FREE quote.


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