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Keeping theft and vandals at bay a constant concern on building sites

Theft and vandalism costs the construction industry considerably; currently annual losses in terms of the value of items stolen, the cost of replacement and clearing up after an incident runs at a phenomenal £800 million or more annually.

Clearly on site security is important to try and minimise these losses, and more reasons besides such as maintaining required Health and Safety standards.

Financial losses

As the £800 million figure above shows, theft and vandalism incidents cost the construction considerably so anything to alleviate these losses is vital.

These financial losses not only affect productivity, but the delays caused by having to clear up, replace equipment and other stolen items or even rebuild can put projects back in terms of their completion deadlines.

Using good security companies with experience to help secure a site is key; in the Essex area a search for ‘intruder alarms Chelmsford’ should yield sound options.

Ease of theft and vandalism

Construction sites are often vast areas containing highly valuable plant and equipment with very little activity at night, and often only protected by moveable metal fencing, so strong security is the only real way to fully protect them.

Internal security

A remarkable fifty percent-plus of all construction site thefts are by employees or other personnel entitled to be on the site such as contractors.

Therefore, effective security in terms of ID, checking personnel in and out of a site and possible random searches of vehicles leaving the site are important.

Health and Safety

It’s not just theft and vandalism that makes site security so important; employers have a legal obligation to ensure high standards of Health and Safety are achieved and maintained.

Security systems such as CCTV can monitor construction site activity to help ensure procedures and precautions are being adhered to, and quickly flag up potential Health and Safety weaknesses or potential for incidents.

What can modern security do to help?

General security protection of commercial premises and construction sites has developed considerably as technology has advanced:

Cameras are now very high quality, so better images in all types of lighting conditions can record clearer footage; they can be easily moved around a site as it reconfigures as work is completed, and alarm systems can be specified that work from long life batteries as opposed to requiring mains electricity power.

It’s easier than ever for alarm systems to be linked to rapid response facilities so a presence can be onsite very soon after an alarm has been raised.

Sound security procedures

While tech plays a big part, construction companies need to ensure basic security standards are instituted and maintained to reduce the chances of human error or slipshod practices causing problems.

Some examples:

Entrances and exists – these need to be secured at all times to ensure people don’t come and go without being taken account of. It’s easy enough in a lax environment for someone to wander onto the site and make off with valuable tools – even in broad daylight.

Fences moved to allow large machinery to enter the site needs to be replaced straight afters so as not to leave a vulnerability easily breached.

ID – ensuring site personnel display or at least carry their ID at all times and that it’s checked diligently on anyone leaving and entering the site.

Overall, using the tech available but also ensuring human error doesn’t occur to often – preferably never – is a step towards improved site security.


Why construction site security is important; to reduce huge £800 million annual losses through theft and vandalism and to maintain Health and Safety standards.





Whether you require us to install a brand new security system from scratch or need us to take over an existing system, we will recommend a security solution that meets your exact needs.

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