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Crime statistics make for rather grim reading, and can make you feel anxious about your property. We work with a wide range of clients all over Essex, and we have built up a reputation as the best intruder alarm installers Essex has to offer.

It’s Easy to Feel Concerned

Do you feel safe in your property? If not, then you certainly aren’t alone, as the news is full of stories of break ins, knife crime and property damage. If you are unlucky enough to have seen a rise in crime in your area too, it’s easy to feel very anxious. As the intruder alarm installers Essex clients trust, our number one priority is giving you peace of mind. Our alarms are the perfect solution for those worried about crime in their area.

A Proven Deterrent

Intruder alarms are a known deterrent, and can help to prevent any crime on your property. They are usually installed in a prominent location, making them easily visible from the street. Criminals scout out properties to break in to ahead of time – very few attacks are carried out on the spur of the moment. A professionally installed intruder alarm will put off any wannabe burglars, giving you round the clock protection.

Suitable For Homes and Businesses

Our intruder alarm systems are suitable for a wide range of properties across Essex. We work with a large number of businesses, and our commercial clients are very satisfied with our alarm systems. So whether you have just started a business or are looking to upgrade your existing security arrangements, our intruder alarms will help to protect you against crime. We work with domestic clients too, so you can deter criminals from your home.

Bespoke Alarms Tailored to Your Needs

We know that no two properties in Essex are the same, and each of our clients will have different concerns regarding crime in their area. That’s why all of our intruder alarm systems are tailored to the needs of each client. We’re always looking for ways to make them more user-friendly too, and you can easily control your alarm and receive alerts through your smartphone. Our alarms can also be integrated with new or existing security networks, so they won’t disrupt any other system when installed.

Intruder Alarm Installers Essex

Our intruder alarms can be installed by our security experts for additional peace of mind. We work across Essex and the surrounding areas, and will come to install your alarm at a time that is totally convenient for you. Our security specialists work quickly and efficiently, and will have your new intruder alarm up and running in no time at all. So you’ll be protected 24/7, giving you confidence whether you are on the premises or not.

Get in Touch Today

If you want to find out more about our intruder alarms or our other security solutions, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’re here to give you all the information that you need, and will be able to get the ball rolling as soon as you are ready!


Whether you require us to install a brand new security system from scratch or need us to take over an existing system, we will recommend a security solution that meets your exact needs.

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