Domestic Security

Protect your Home with a Domestic Security System

It’s estimated that a burglary happens in the UK every 40 seconds (Crimestoppers) and it can be traumatic to experience your property being invaded and personal items stolen from your home. Criminals are often opportunistic and will look out for homes that look empty and unprotected, where they can gain easy entry and be in and out quickly without being detected.

The most common items to be stolen from homes are jewellery, purse or wallet/money/cards, TV, laptop, watch, mobile phone or games console. Try to keep these out of sight of windows and always ensure doors and windows are closed and locked when leaving the property – even if you’re just popping out quickly. The average cost of stolen items from a home in a burglary is around £1,840 – easy money for an opportunistic criminal.

Intruder Alarms for Domestic Security

Intruder alarms are one of the best and most affordable ways to deter a criminal from targeting your home, flashing lights and sounders can be activated from the front and the back of the property to alert to an intruder when a sensor is tripped when the alarm is activated.

The alarm can be turned on and off with a fob or keypad when you enter and leave the property and you will be alerted via a phone call if the alarm is activated so you can respond quickly or call the police. Our alarm systems also offer a two way speak functionality so you can communicate and confirm if it is a house member or warn a criminal off your property.

CCTV Security Systems

CCTV is becoming an increasingly popular option for domestic security as concern increases for home safety and security from attempted burglary, dog napping, doorstep scams, anti-social behaviour and car thefts.

Security cameras are one of the best ways to deter criminals who want to avoid being identified and former burglars have admitted this would be likely to put them off. It is also important for providing you with evidence of criminal activity and increase your chances of the criminal being caught and prosecuted by the police.

Our HD CCTV cameras provide a clear picture and can be accessed via your phone with the ProControl+ app. From here you can monitor your CCTV cameras wherever you are, review footage and download video clips.

We’re happy to talk you through our CCTV domestic security systems and advise you on a system that will work for you and any necessary permissions.

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